Concerts  in the North : College Music in Galicia

“Este fue mi primer concierto y siempre recordare la striper porque era un travesti!!!!!!! Eredeiros da Crus, una banda de rock muy ligada a Galicia, todas lus letras son el gallego asI que es normal que no los entiendas.”

Translation :This was my first concert and always I will remember the stripper because she was a transvestite! Eredeiros da Crus, is a rock band closely linked to Galicia, all their lyrics are Galician so that it is normal that you don’t understand them.

For my final projects abroad I chose to do personal interviews of European and international students abroad about their music taste and experiences in college music scenes.

My first interviewee was Rafa De San Cosme, a friend of a friend, who always made sure I was practicing my Spanish. Humorous but elusive, there was something about Rafa that set him apart from the madrileños we met. With a little investigative journalism work, I forced him to listen to music on my iPhone until he found something he liked,  and it was then that he shared that he was from Galicia. Most of what this meant was that he hated alot of my reggeaton and merengue options.

However, he also shared with me the Galician culture which is distinct in many ways to the Spanish. Galician is located in the Northeast of Spain, right above portugal. It has an ancient history and to this day the people of the region use and are very proud of Galego, their language. In the past, autonomous communities, like Galicia, have been repressed by the central Spanish government which partly shapes Galician youth culture. They are characterized as rebellious , serious about their passions , punk and a lot of Rafa’s music shows this.  Faithful to his ways back in Madrid he insisted on doing this interview in Spanish. Luckily for you all I have translated his responses but if you are interested the original is at the end.

Rafa: I am from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, is a pro-independence city of radical left where the rock and the alternative music triumph. I love the 80s rock, 90 because it is music with a unique style and does not care for anything in a society without values.

Soy de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, España. es una ciudad independentista de izquierda radical donde el rock y la música alternativa triunfan. me gusta mucho del rock de los 80, 90 porque es musica con un estilo de verdad y no echa para gustar en un momento determinado a una sociedad sin valores.
Rafa De San Cosme Top 5 songs
– Ambito Kinitoh – Galicia Calidade
– De Jalisia ó estranxeiro – Heredeiros da Crus
– Guns N’ Roses – November Rain
– Los Suaves-Dolores se llamaba Lola
– Molinos de Viento – Mägo de Oz
Because this is the popular music of the region doesn’t mean Galicians dont have other taste. Of the music in my iTunes Rafa asked me to later send him:

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